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Australia Wide Novated Leasing

Novated Leasing has continued to be an extremely popular method for many employees to purchase their new and used cars, Australia wide.
  • There has been significant enquiries and interest over the past year from individuals working in mining centres in the North of Western Australia and in the Northern parts of Queensland. From Bunbury to Perth to Port Headland the interest is high.
  • Mt Isa folk in particular have shown a great deal of interest in Car Packaging as word of mouth and referrals see the number of car packaging purchases grow. Clearly the benefits of Novated Leasing is being discussed and understood by various employee groups, not just those located in Brisbane and the capital city locations.
  • Defence personnel in the Northern and Western States and Darwin have also been strong supporters of the Novated Lease concept. We see Defence personal from Kapooka near Albury to Cunungra in the Gold Coast Hinterland to Amberley in Ipswich now entering into their 4th or 5th packaged car, stretching back 15 years.
  • In addition we report that personal working in Health related fields in metropolitan locations, including all capital and regional cities have long utilized Novated leasing to maximize their overall remuneration package.
  • Melbourne and Sydney Health Services, at State and Local Government level, strongly encourage their staff to investigate the suitability of Novated Leasing as part of the organizations remuneration and benefits offering to staff. 
  • Employees in Canberra are probably the biggest per capita participating group salary packaging as part of their overall remuneration package.
  • We also note the high degree of participation in Novated Leasing by employees working in Colleges and Universities. Business Managers and Bursars often include information about salary packaging and Novated Leasing in staff Letters of Offer prior to employment commencing.
  • Staff commuting to and from Sydney’s Western suburbs and the CBD and those commuting to and from Newcastle / the Central Coast of NSW have long known the significant tax savings on offer with Novated leasing as they structure their salary to minimize the costs associated with higher KM and related car expenses.
  • The strong commercial precincts of Parramatta and Chatswood has seen a corresponding growth in personnel travelling from the North East and East with long car journeys involved each day. Many individuals have entered into a Novated lease for their cars to help reduce the overall costs of such long commutes. 
  • The same can be said for employees commuting to and from the high growth suburbs in the Berwick locale to the Melbourne CBD, as is the case with commutes from Frankston and the greater Melbourne suburban sprawl.

In summary we see Novated leasing as a salary packaged item has wide ranging support and participation by many employees across the full spectrum of organizations, big and small throughout Australia.

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