Biggest Vehicle Recall Ever.

Japanese air bag manufacturer Takata Corp is doubling a recall of air bags to nearly 34 million vehicles, creating the largest automotive recall in American history.

The recall, which still does not identify the cause of the problem, involves passenger and driver-side air bags in vehicles made by 11 automakers.

It expands on the 16.6 million vehicles called back for repairs for the same issue in previous recalls.

More than 500,000 Australian vehicles made by Toyota, Honda and Nissan are now affected.

The number of vehicles with potentially defective Takata air bags recalled globally since 2008 has risen following recalls over the past week by Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

The automakers said they decided to proceed with their recalls after finding some Takata air bag inflators were not sealed properly, allowing moisture to seep into the propellant casing.

Moisture damages the propellant and can lead to an inflator exploding with too much force, shooting shrapnel inside the vehicle.

Six deaths have been linked to the defective air bags, all in cars made by Honda, which has borne the brunt of the Takata recalls to date.

There have been no incidents or injuries reported in Australia

The major issue right now is how on earth can the air bag manufacturers possible supply the sheer volume of units required right now?

Lets seriously hope that there are no further injuries whilst this recall in managed over the year or so ahead.