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Cashed up Apple planning to enter the car market

Bloombergs recently reported the secret plansApple Inc.,has for entry into the design and manufacture of motor vehicles.

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June new Car Sales, the winners and losers.

June new Car Sales, the winners and losers.

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The Hey Days of Detroit well and truly over

China has overtaken America as the world’s largest car market, and it has contributed between a third and a half of the global profits of many big automobile manufacturers in recent years.

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Australians could soon have access to cheaper cars under plan to deregulate new car market

The move towards "deregulation" of the car sales business in Australia is moving forward, albeit at a somewhat disappointingly slow pace.
There seems no doubt consumers will benefit from the opportunity to purchase cars offshore, but the questions remains as to the impact this may  have on employment in the local industry

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Biggest Vehicle recall ever. Industry in turmoil

    Biggest Vehicle Recall Ever.

Japanese air bag manufacturer Takata Corp is doubling a recall of air bags to nearly 34 million vehicles, creating the largest automotive recall in American history.

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Our Top 10 sellers in the new car market, things have certainly changed over the past 5 years!

Very informative article in the Sydney Morning Herald recently , particularly relevant  in the lead up to a proposed deregulation ( to some extent) to the import of new and used cars from offshore.

In the meantime we see Toyota and Mazda continue the battle for the number 1 spot, with Toyota landing both top for both make and model categories in March.

Interestingly in our own business we salary Packaged ( Novated Lease ) record  numbers of Mazda in March. Looking  forward to seeing the trend through April !!

For in depth analysis we present the said article for your perusal.

The Australian new car market continued its emphatic resurgence in March, with a second consecutive record monthly tally, according to preliminary figures obtained by Drive.

Figures due to be released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries on Tuesday will show the overall market streaked past the previous March record set in 2013 on the back of low interest rates and favourable Free Trade Agreement outcomes.

A record 105,054 vehicles were delivered last month, up 4.2 per cent on last year. The result pushed the overall year-to-date tally to 277,594 vehicles.

By comparison at the same point during a bumper 2013, 273,048 vehicles were registered after three months.  

The latest monthly result will further quell industry fears of slowing sales from 2014 continuing into 2015.

Underlining the strong March result was ongoing demand for small cars, dual cab utes and SUVs. Luxury car makers also continued their respective purple patches.

The Toyota Corolla extended its year-to-date lead as Australia's best selling vehicle, amassing 4261 sales for the month. The Mazda3 (3558) consolidated second place overall with 3558 transactions.

The Toyota HiLux (3346) and Mitsubishi Triton (2940) utes finished third and fourth overall, despite the fact both are set to be superseded by all-new models before year's end. The Holden Commodore (2436 sales) continued its steady run to seal fifth place, while the Ford Ranger ute (2424) came in sixth.

Toyota continued its market dominance with a 18.16 per cent share of March sales. Mazda and Hyundai finished second and third, with Holden and Nissan rounded out the top five.

Mercedes-Benz finished just outside the top 10 marques, securing 3482 transactions thanks to a bumper 918 sales of its new C-Class. BMW (2310) and Audi (1858) also continued healthy year-to-date gains stemming from growing model lines and the sustained popularity of their mid-size passenger vehicles.

Top 10 makes – March

1. Toyota – 19,082

2. Mazda – 10,217

3. Hyundai - 8709

4. Holden - 8571

5. Nissan - 7138

6. Mitsubishi – 6307

7. Ford - 6023

8. Volkswagen – 5525

9. Honda - 4042

10. Subaru - 4002

Top 10 models - March

1. Toyota Corolla – 4261

2. Mazda3 – 3558

3. Toyota HiLux – 3346

4. Mitsubishi Triton – 2940

5. Holden Commodore – 2436

6. Ford Ranger – 2424

7. Mazda CX-5 – 2344

8. Toyota Camry – 2319

9. Hyundai i30 – 2098

10. Volkswagen Golf - 2084

Source: Preliminary VFacts data obtained by Drive.

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Imported Luxury car sales zoomimg ahead...

Australians are increasingly choosing luxury overseas built cars, driven in part by the influx of cheaper entry level models from brands like Audi, and Mercedes Benz, according to the Sydney Morning article of Saturday March 1st.

Luxury Cars outsold Australian built models last year and sales of small luxury imported vehicles, which cost less than $40,000 ,like the Audi 3 grew by 53% last year.
Seems that with the departure of manufacturers from the local market and the current treads with the Australian dollar, we can expect the affordability for small er luxury cars will see their market share continue, with consumers being the winners as they take advantage of the changing car market in Australia.

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This is too good to be true !!

It's too good to be true......How long has this been available ?????
Many new clients are surprised with the significant tax savings when entering into their Novated Lease.

We do get asked if there is a catch or is there any small print they should be aware of.
The answer is that Novated lease, or car packaging, has been many thousands of employees method for buying their family car over the past 20 years.
In addition to paying less tax each pay day, clients don't have to finanace the GST on the sale price of their car.
This together with National Fleet pricing for most makes and models, really does leave our clients asking...How long has this been available ??????
Call Australian Car Packaging and test us. 1300 313 111. 8AM -8 PM 7 days per week.

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Australian Car Industry undergoing a dramatic realignment

Australian Car Industry undergoing a dramatic realignment, with The Australian Government instructing the Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into public support for Australia's automotive manufacturing industry, including passenger motor vehicle and automotive component production.

The Commission has been asked to:
• examine national and international market and regulatory factors affecting the industry
• identify and evaluate possible alternative public support mechanisms
• identify any significant transition issues or adjustment costs that may arise from alternative support mechanisms or policy changes and how they might be best managed
• assess the significance of the capabilities within the industry, its direct employment and economic benefits, and its secondary impacts on other sectors of the economy
• quantify the costs and benefits of existing and alternative assistance mechanisms.

The Commission is to undertake public consultation, inviting public submissions and releasing a preliminary findings report to the public.

The Commission will provide a final report to the Government by 31 March 2014.
The terms of reference may well include analysis of the merits of salary Packaging and the relevant Fringe Benefit treatment.
The Automotive industry will no doubt wait with baited breath for the final report to be released next month.

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Carmakers deny taking Aussies for a ride

Interesting argument we frequently see debated re local car prices when comapred to same vehciles selling off shore

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