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Car Packaging works in much the same way as Salary Packaging – by paying for vehicle payments and running costs from the employee’s pre-tax salary.

All car related expenses can be salary packaged, including fuel, servicing, tyres, registration, insurance and finance payments.

Many employees appreciate the opportunity to drive their car of choice, best suited to their personal situation and needs.

Important to note the car is registered and insured in the employee’s name, no business use is required and the employee does not have to be the main driver.

Employees reduce their taxable income and therefore the amount of tax they pay each pay day, which increases their net pay, providing in effect a pay rise.

In addition to PAYG tax savings, employees benefit from significant GST savings on the purchase price of the vehicle and running costs of the car such as fuel, tyres, servicing etc.

Employees are also able to gain access to AUSTRALIAN CAR PACKAGING fleet buying power. The fleet discounts for virtually all new cars are significant. A no obligation fleet pricing service is available for employees to compare pricing.

Australian Car Packaging provide a range of fuel cards, including Shell, Caltex and BP for employees to access their most convenient retailer, together with more than 6,000 automotive service organizations across Australia offering trade pricing for most vehicle related expenditure, such as routine scheduled maintenance and replacement of tyres.

In the event of the employee moving to another organization the car stays with the employee. The new employer may take over the Novation or the driver simply continues with the finance arrangement until the end of the lease.

Call AUSTRALIAN CAR PACKAGING to discuss your particular situation and requirements and to obtain an obligation free quotation outlining your tax savings.

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